SBE will help you to find and develop ECONOMIC, RELIABLE & SAFE sources in Asia...
With state of the art technology tools all your procurement projects will be available to be shared ac-cross your organization...

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8+ Years Quality & Supplier Management
10+ Industry Categories experience
100+ Teams & Companies established in China
100+ Engineers all over Asia
Multicultural Teams


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Sales Team

Sergio ZamudioSales North America
We have been working for the last 10 years helping international buyers to have a safer and more efficient procurement experience in China and Asia in general... Lots of fun! I'll be so pleased to have you all joining us on this journey!
Ivan HernandezSales LATAM
Procurement Specialist and Trade Consultant for greater Asia and Latin America. Providing service and cost reduction systems to industry leaders at the following industries: Retail, Automotive, Metal Mechanic, Agriculture, Wholesale, Furniture, Etc.
Sergey LitvinovSales Eastern Europe
Procurement consultant and specialist for Russian speaking countries and Eastern Europe. Has developed several projects mainly in construction and metal mechanic industries
Isaac TorresSales Europe
Work as a liaison between European buyers, SBE and factories. In charge of supervising global trade projects and support customers visiting China
  • Buying industrial equipment abroad, and specially in Asia, is a gamble you could win or lose with terrible consequences. We use SBE as our QA/QC partner because they have experienced engineers, great online tools and a reasonable price

    Dimitri Borovsky (Russia) - Customer since 2010
  • “Our construction projects consider hundreds of references from tiles, walls, fittings, etc… Local supervision is a must! Thanks to SBE in less than 2 weeks we had a supervised team of inspectors following up on our orders, amazing…”

    Alberto Lambert (Argentina) - Customer since 2011
  • “Is not about finding perfect suppliers but to develop the right suppliers to your needs; SBE has been a great help on this matter and in a substantial economic way…“

    Gary Smith (UK) - Customer since 2009
  • “Our industry requires excruciating precision and control over the products we outsource in China… Having SBE on-site support has allowed us to concentrate in product development and customer satisfaction strategies here in the US…”

    Josh Powell (USA) - Customer since 2005
  • “In the world of fashion, is all about having your season designs on-time and with the right quality. Thanks to SBE, we can finally take full advantage of low cost manufacturing in Asia and without the hustle involved…”

    Jean Charles BONNET (France) - Customer since 2008

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