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Order Management


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I am ready to place an order to a Supplier, what is next?

Before an Order is placed your SBE Project Manager will reconfirm the Supplier quote and Proforma Invoice. At the same time will check that company’s information matches the PI bank account info and if necessary recommend a Supplier Legal registration check for new Suppliers. PM will register and update all documents and info inside tech4trade to keep the historical record.

Is the Proforma Invoice enough to place an order?

Not really…No matter the case, besides the typical PI we always suggest Buyers to consolidate their own Purchase Order Contracts in English and Chinese. A contract based on the Suppliers’ proforma invoice (PI) and Buyer’s requirements.

A local contract may also be placed or not by SBE International in behalf of the Buyer. Most of cases Contracts will be signed directly between Buyer and Supplier, however where SBE has managed the entire project from the early stages (sourcing, sample management, price negotiations, order management, logistics & shipping, etc…) and when confidentiality of the source (Supplier) is critical to the Buyer, upon a risk analysis and management confirmation, SBE may function as an intermediary for the contractual agreements.

How every PO is managed and where?

Once all is confirmed, your PM will create a Purchase Order project inside tech4trade platform and help you to consolidate a Purchasing Contract in English and Chinese, all inside the system. The main objective of Open Project is to ensure delivery times, product quality and minimize general risks. Let us know what other actions you need us to perform, we’ll make it happen!

How to make sure my requirements are well understood prior the order?

A safe purchase starts with your product definition, your product’s specifications and quality control checklistsYour PM will help you to create complete specification profiles and QC checklist for all products in the order. This step is critical to let Supplier clearly understand your requirements and for them to transfer this information internally.

Will SBE train Supplier to use the system and update info?

Your PM will share the PO project with your Supplier, train them on its use and try to maintain all the communication with Supplier inside the system.

At any point you can get back to the platform to follow on all the conversations log and information shared in between.

How often will I receive order progress updates?

Normally your Project Manager will maintain constant communication with Supplier representatives and give you scheduled follow-ups at least once every week.

You will be receiving these follow ups by email and inside the system.

How payment to Suppliers are handled?

Who will pay suppliers? This depends… Normally Customers will pay suppliers, unless SBE is entitled to be an intermediary agent on behalf of the Buyer.

In any ways, your PM will schedule  and update the payments to Supplier in the system, you will receive notifications and files accordingly.

How samples and products are checked for every order?

Your PM will schedule all required inspections and monitor SBE Inspection team during the performance. If not indicated differently, we would recommend at least two inspections:

  • Final Product Inspection when 80% of the goods have been finished.
  • Container Loading Supervision. When ll the goods have been finished, final requirements can be confirmed and container loading is done.
  • Sample Management. If any confirmation samples are required at the beginning of the production, your PM will make the local confirmation at SBE offices, deliver a report and send the sample to you (if required).

Can SBE help me to arrange the shipments?

Yes, as part of the Order Management, your Project Manager can also check for better ocean/air freight rates. Consequently, the PM will  arrange and coordinate all the Shipment documents and register them inside the system.

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