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$598 per Product Line

Supplier Sourcing Research
or Trade Fair Representation

Continuous Sourcing Support
(1 Month/service target)

Sample Management
(All needed within 1 Month)

Supplier On-site Survey
(1 Suppliers)

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$698 per Product Line

Supplier Sourcing Research
or Trade Fair Representation

Continuous Sourcing Support
(1 Month/service target)

Sample Management
(All needed within 1 Month)

Supplier On-site Survey
(2 Suppliers)

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$998 per Product Line

Supplier Sourcing Research
or Trade Fair Representation

Continuous Sourcing Support
(1 Month/service target)

Sample Management
(All needed within 1 Month)

Factory Audits
(2 Suppliers)

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How you (SBE) do the sourcing for products or suppliers?

Generally speaking we have two ways to perform the sourcing and it goes according to the service provided.

1. Remotely (Product Sourcing and Supplier Sourcing Research) Initially we first search in our local database of suppliers and then will go and search in online specialized databases we have access to and/or portals like Alibaba, Global Sources, etc. both in English and Chinese…

2. On-Site Sourcing (Trade Fair Representation) We perform the Sourcing on-site during a trade show.

In both cases, we will be sending you quotes and info as we get them… We are an extension of You, so your involvement is key to get better results.

Why to hire you for online sourcing instead of doing it myself and for free?

We always encourage all Buyers to first do the supplier search on their own. Still, we suggest you to always be cautious and not place orders before getting to know who really is the Supplier you are talking to. Specially here is where SBE can represent you locally and give Suppliers a more proper and corporate image of you and your Business, then making it easier to perform onsite visits and legal registration checks.

Also remember that the time you spend looking for suppliers abroad and chasing for reliable quotations is not free; your time is money and hiring people to do so in your country may not be cost effective and efficient due to the time difference and language barriers. We provide cost effective solutions according to your budget!

Who performs the sourcing?

An local English speaking and specialized Sourcing Analyst, supervised by a foreign Account Manager.

What if you do not find what I am looking for?

The Sourcing process and actions take time and Buyer’s constant feedback is key to success. After a couple of days, you will soon get some ideas and results that will lead you and your Sourcing Analyst to decide to continue or to stop sourcing.

In any case, we will make sure you pay for what you get, your Account Manager and SBE team will work closely to you in order to get the best results from each Sourcing project.

How long does it take you to get and send me the quotations?

Normally, from the first day or sourcing you will be receiving some quotations we get so you can evaluate and compare on-time… It is an on-going process.

Will you give me all the suppliers' contact information?

You are the OWNER of the process! Still, you may  first receive all quotations without all final and confirmed contact information. Once the service is finished, or upon your request, we will release a complete report against the full payment of the services.

How the quotations will be sent to me or being organized? by mail?

Besides receiving all quotations and reports by email, you will have permanent online access to all your quotations and Suppliers information at application.

Same wise you have access to bench marking reports and other project management tools, all included in the service fees.

Besides quotes and reports, how do you make sure the Suppliers are legal and reliable?

Getting quotes and making reports is quite simple, the key for a wise supplier selection is in having the means to confirm the following for all prospected Suppliers:

  • Legal registrations in place and active. Many illegal, phantom or inactive companies are still quoting, a quick legal registration check on the government database is crucial to understand who is quoting.
  • Clear idea of the company structure. Every single Supplier claims to also be the final manufacturer, while buying directly from the manufacturer may be more safe, intermediary//trading companies also add value to the process and can provide you with more complete offers. The only thing you want to is have it clear! Who they really are!
  • Proper manufacturing facilities. No matter if the Supplier is a trader or manufacturer, you want to make sure your products will be manufactured under proper or sufficient conditions according to your industry. SBE Audit services can help you with this.
  • Bank account matching and financial risk analysis. Many Suppliers suggest personal accounts in order to avoid paying taxes or going through paper work, specially for small orders. If you agree on doing so, at least it is important you can confirm bank accounts and get an independent risk analysis of the situation.

We can support you along the entire development process until you decide who to place the order to…

A local Project Manager, with the supervision of your Account Manager, will support you throughout this process and suggest you the specific activities/ steps in the selection of the most economic and reliable supplier.

We will always suggest you to come to Asia at any time, this will always be the best way for us all to boost the sourcing results.

What if I want to attend to a trade show to source on my own?

That is perfect!  Going to trade-shows is the best way for you to source suppliers.

In this case we will suggest for you to do a pre-sourcing over the internet to get some reference quotes and setup some meetings with Suppliers attending the trade-show.

SBE will support and guide you over this preparation process, provide you with trip arrangement support and set you up with more meetings.

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